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Moon Over Soho

Moon Over Soho  - Ben Aaronovitch Just like book #1, this was a fairly solid „I liked it“.
And just like in book #1, the actual plot took a backseat here and was not as amusing as everything surrounding it.

I like a lot about the Peter Grant books: The understated humour, the London setting with all the tidbits of historical information, the charming characters, the magic, the bantering dialogue, Peter's narrative voice... Here I liked the whole idea of jazz vampires, the palpable love for music, and although I'm not the biggest jazz fan, this time I was glad to share some of my friends' jazz-related playlists on Spotify.

I didn't so much like Peter's issues with dick-brain-coordination, and the frequent product placement made me wonder how much Apple pays Aaronovitch.
There were also a surprising amount of misspellings and formating errors for a book from a major publishing house.

Still, the serie's enjoyable enough for me to go on.