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Carried Away

Carried Away - David  Stein I'm on page 222 - and I think it's time to call it quits. Maybe I will come back at a later time, but I doubt it.

Master/slave relationships are a tad outside my comfort zone. Which is why I wanted to read this book. And david stein suceeded at least a bit in giving me a realistic-feeling glimpse into the dynamics, into the heads of people who are into these kind of things.
It's just so awfully, awfully boring. And much too wordy. For the last 150 pages or so, Matt's thoughts are running in circles, there's no progress whatsoever, and I've completely lost my patience. Books exclusively focusing on relationship dynamics are not for me. I need some story apart from that. The frequent - very, very frequent - S/M scenes didn't help. Leather S/M is not my kink (very much not my kink, with me being vegan and all), and I was bored out of my mind.
Worse still, this book is preachy as hell. I can even get behind a lot of the things said here. Especially behind this "equal partners in an adventure of inequality" thing. Other stuff was irritating, like Terry's bullshit about "using a safeword shows you don't trust me, if you do it, you can go". Which serves well to show why the Master/slave dynamic is out of my comfort zone: It can so very easily turn abusive.
But most of all I don't want to be preached at when reading, no matter if I can agree to the sermon's content or not. I want the author to show his points in the characters' actions, in the story's progress. I don't want the characters having contrived, never-ending, lecturing conversations. I don't like to read books that don't tell a story, but simply serve to push the author's agenda.