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The Violet and the Tom

The Violet and the Tom - Eve Ocotillo Surprisingly, I enjoyed this much more than I though I would. Surprisingly, because I hate AU slave fics. But The Violet and the Tom showed a great sense of realism and insight into the psychology of master-slave-dynamics. And although I prefer my stories to be more on the plotty side, here for once I liked the tight focus on Sylvan, Nygell and their relationship, as well as Ocotillo's lush and yes, somewhat flowery writing that fit her narrator very well. The story's also one of the better (meaning: respectful) representations of BDSM - D/s relationships I've read.
While I got what the author intended to do with the epilogue, and I did like it, it also perfectly summed up my reservations about fantasy slave fics – or, on a broader level, the ever so popular „it's just fiction“ argument in general: For you it might be fantasy, for other people it's very, very real.