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science fiction, new weird, old weird, very weird - and everything else. often, though not always, discussed in relation to gender identity and (a)sexuality.

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Lies and Consequences

Lies and Consequences - Kaje Harper There's no doubt that Kaje Harper can write and has a knack for creating interesting, believable characters. It already shows in this early novel of hers (which is free to boot). It's not her fault if a lot of her protagonists and plots end up a bit too sweet for my taste. Not in this case, though. Lies and Consequences is pretty decent romantic suspense with a bit of action. So, okay, it's a tiiiiny bit – well, a lot actually – over the top, piling unlikely coincidence upon unlikely coincidence and drama llama upon drama llama, building a neat drama llama pyramid... but it was exactly what I wanted right now.
Just the sex was a bit generic and not very erotic for me. And they use condoms when both have already tested negative on STD, but keep on kissing after rimming? That's some interesting hygiene priorities.