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science fiction, new weird, old weird, very weird - and everything else. often, though not always, discussed in relation to gender identity and (a)sexuality.

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Hearthkeeper - Cordelia Kingsbridge Hearthkeeper or everybody wants to fuck Julian Sharpe.

Like all of Kingsbridge's stories I've read so far, this required an awful lot of suspension of disbelieve. The plot didn't make any sense whatsoever, which wasn't really made up for by the frequent D/s sex scenes that got repetitive after a while. Pacing was much better than in her longer works, though, and just like always she developed some intriguing characters. Jules started of as a delightfully unlikeable protagonist and developed into much more after a while. Keaton was delectable and Jules' husband Henry a real puppy - maybe a bit too good to be true. I really liked the ending, too.

All in all, mindless, trashy fun.