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Quid Pro Quo - Manna Francis Three years after I've read the free stories online, I thought it about time to finally catch up with the infamous Selman Case. It turned out to be one of the best "plotty" stories in this series - and I've always been more interested in the plot-focused instalments than in the relationship-focused ones.
Quid Pro Quo is a very solid police procedural about kidnapping, corporate sabotage, and the usual Administration politics. Watching Toreth at work is always fun, and I kind of wish I'd read this sooner, then I wouldn't have doubted his intelligence for as long as I did.
This story also shows some classic Warrick moments of opportunistic hypocrisy and... wilful ignorance is too soft an expression for his behaviour. I mean, he undergoes great effort to not see what is right before his eyes. „I'm fucking you, not your job“, my ass! There are very, very few authors who manage to write characters that make me so angry – until I get these characters' POV and fall in love with them all over again. That's brilliant writing, no less.
And frankly, I always have to laugh a bit when I read the reviews fretting about Toreth's chronic infidelity and his (alledged) sociopathic tendencies, culminating in a chorus of „Warrick deserves better“ - because seriously, dear Keir might not be a torturing rapist, but he's by far the worst of the whole lot.
Anyhow, brilliant Manna Francis is brilliant. I just hope to see book #9 sometime soon this year.