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Noah - Cara Dee This is the story of Hollywood B-lister Noah Collins – who identifies as straight, but has some experience with men - falling in love with his closeted gay step-nephew Julian, 17 years his junior, after both have lost almost their whole family. And it's not the most pleasant reading experience.

Not because of all the grief or the pseudy-incest; I couldn't care less about step-somethings getting it on. Nor was it due to the timejumps, which I didn't mind. But Noah's one of the most irritating character's I've ever encountered in officially published m/m romance. I have absolutely no patience with 40 year old men showing all the mental maturity of a 4-year-old. Yes, I know, juvenile men of that age exist, which is bad enough; I don't especially like reading about them. And spending a whole book in their head is quite annoying.
At least, Cara Dee has Noah's annoying voice down pat, and his immature behavior is somewhat acknowledged. I can give her kudos for that. I mean it: she aced his characterization. I just don't know if it was her intention to make him this irritating. Aren't readers supposed to root for romance heroes, isn't that how it works? Well, I didn't root for Noah, I loathed spending time in his thoughts.

Because I only saw him through Noah's eyes, I never really got a grasp on Julian's character. He's depressed, secretive, grieving, and sexy – that's basically all I know about him. He reads very young, insecure, and vulnerable, but I never had the feeling I was actually getting close to him.

Now, I have a soft spot for Cara Dee, because her [b:Aftermath|25454650|Aftermath (Aftermath, #1)|Cara Dee|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1430374717s/25454650.jpg|25601003] was the first m/m romance I ever read. I'd read tons of gay fiction, gay porn and slash fiction before, but I'm not really a romance reader, so I turned to the genre quite late in the game. Although Aftermath isn't my favorite m/m story, I liked Cara Dee's characters and her way to write sex. Her erotic scenes just work for me. The scenes between Noah and Julian were no exception. But the situation leading to their first encounter was more than a bit fishy and anything else but sexy.

Finally, I wish the author had done some research on the German education system. Julian's supposed academic career isn't completely impossible, but very unlikely.