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Austin Chant - Peter Darling

Peter Darling - Austin Chant
Peter Pan escapes the world that wants him to stay Wendy Darling and flees to Neverland. But even games of Lost Boys and pirates can't last forever; even a Prince of Neverland has to grow up.
I liked how Chant handles Hook, showing him as the vicious, dastardly pirate and humanising him bit by bit. I also liked that we get to see a unstable version of Peter – a lonely boy playing war games to distract him from his pain. And I liked what little sex those two have on page; it's not much and not all that explicit, but it's sensual and intimate, a far cry above the usual porny, „kissing, blowjob, insert cock in anus“-choreography used in so many, far too many, m/m romances.
As per usual with these romance offerings, the story is very short, and feels rushed, the first half especially. I'd liked a bit more time to explore. Neverland has never been a simple, happy-go-lucky place, there was always a darker undercurrent; even the sugar-coated Disney version couldn't erase this completely. It's hinted at here, but it's not as visceral as it could have been.
The writing could've been a bit more polished, the book needs better proofreading, but overall it was a pleasant read, and Chant might be an author to watch.