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Blackfish City - Sam J. Miller

Blackfish City: A Novel - Sam J. Miller

It probably deserves more than 3.5 stars.


Blackfish City is elegantly written, offers tremendous world-building, creating a city, a future, that not only seems plausible but feels very lived in, with lots of history and backstory to it. It's a political thriller taking the political to the personal level. The characters are well crafted and develop in realistic ways. It also has an orcamancer and not only an orca, but also a polar bear.


And yet.


And yet I wasn't fully invested. 

It's not as emotionally intense as I have come to expect from Miller - whose stories belong to the most emotionally intense I've read from an contemporary author, competing only with Kai Ashante Wilson and maybe Watts. Maybe it's a bit too elegant, lacking the rawness and roughness of some of his earlier works. Maybe it's just me. Whatever's the case, I wasn't fully invested in the story, in the characters, and didn't fully care about their fate.


It's still a book that deserves to be read.

And very probably it deserves a more attentive reader, someone with more fucks to give.