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The Freeze-Frame Revolution - Peter Watts

Book: I'm going to tell you about some poor SOBs on a spaceship, falling through space for thousands of millennia, being awake only some days every thousand years, eating wormholes into the universe...


Me: Oh, in that Valente-book, wormholes looked just like really big Great Pandas. 


Book: Erm, okay. Anyway, our protagonist are more than sixty million years from home, facing the occasional demon coming through the gates. They try to stage a revolution to fight an enemy that never sleeps, that sees everything, hears everything...


Me: Really, really huge fluffy Pandas.


Book: They have to keep their plans secret, but the ship offers few hiding places, like artificial forests with...


Me: ...Pandas?


Book: ...trees which look like someone build them "from the blood vessels of slaughtered giants: flushed out the blood and replaced it with tar."


Me:bored panda


This is going really well :)