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Folks, I need a break from book-related social media.


Booklikes is pleasantly free from authors being assholes. Other media unfortunately isn't. I'm seeing authors directing so much scorn, so much vitriol against readers - against the very people who pay them, against people who passionately talk about their works, who take the time and effort to think about books, engage with them and write reviews, and yes, who sometimes passionately hate books, but even that helps with creating interest - so much vitriol, it's putting a real damper in my mood. I'm simply not inclined to review anything at the moment.


I need to disengage myself for a while. (I also need to go through my TBR, weed out the assholes and keep the ones worth reading.)


So long.


Short update: As I just learned, apparently publishers still have a business sense and lashing out at consumers can actually get you fired. And yes, it's peak petty, but I can't deny I'm laughing. Nice to see that "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" still applies.