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You Know How the Story Goes, Zombies in Chapter Six and Good, Old Shirley Jackson


Thomas Olde Heuvelt: You Know How the Story Goes - **

It’s the same old story. Take a chance and pick up a hitchhiker. But only after midnight and only when you need some company. Of course, the hitchhiker will disappear. That’s the way the story goes, right? But this time you are the hitchhiker. And there’s a tunnel up ahead.


Heuvelt tries to put a modern spin to a classic urban legend. It works quite well, but goes on a bit too long to be effective. And, okay, that's my personal quirk, but I really prefer my stories without gratuitous violence against animals. Even my horror stories.


Stephen Graham Jones: Chapter Six - ****

“Chapter Six,” by Stephen Graham Jones, is an anthropological zombie story about Crain, a grad student, who has a theory of mankind’s evolution. As he and his former professor scavenge on bone marrow left behind by the local zombie horde, he makes his well-reasoned argument.


Evil genius SGJ strikes again and follows two anthropologists trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Needless to say, you'd probably be better off with the zombies than with the academics.


Shirley Jackson - The Lottery - ****

You know this one, don't you? If you haven't read it, you've certainly heard about it. I'd heard lots about it, heard it told even, but never actually read it for myself. And yes, it's effective. Knowing the ending doesn't release any of the tension. Quite the opposite in fact.

Jackson clearly served as inspiration for Stefan Kisbye and his Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone, my first book this month. And with that, the circle's closed.


Though no horror story beats starting your Halloween day with having to tear down half the kitchen to clean out mill moths. They'd build their nest behind one cupboard, getting to it was a real pain. Thankfully it was mostly eggs, not many maggots yet, but still - ugh! 

I don't know why they chose my kitchen, I hardly keep any food around. Poor fuckers started to chew holes in the cupboard for lack of anything else to eat. (No, I actually know how they got in - with a package of nuts and raisins. Ugh, again.)


Anyway, happy Halloween!