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Noirvember Reading: How to Kill Friends and Implicate People by Jay Stringer

How To Kill Friends And Implicate People - Jay Stringer

Fergus Fletcher is a hit man. For five thousand pounds, he’ll kill anyone you want. For seven, he’ll frame someone else. Pretending to kill someone is a first, but Alex Pennan has stolen from the mob and needs to fake his own death.


Fergus is looking for love. So is Sam Ireland, a private investigator and part-time bike messenger. But she’s got her hands on a very important package and is in a world of trouble with the mob. Joe Pepper, pillar of society and corrupt gangland fixer, will stop at nothing—nothing at all—to intercept the package and protect his reputation.


Can Alex stay dead while his widow dances on his grave? Can Joe save himself before his stomach ulcer explodes? Can Fergus and Sam make it to a second date before Joe hires him to kill her?


Welcome to Glasgow. It’s a love story.


Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me. I've enjoyed Stringer's previous books, including the first part of the Sam Ireland mysteries, but this was like re-heated coffee - more of the same, but worse.

Too much talking, jokes that weren't funny, and I don't think Stringer is particularly good at writing convincing romance subplots. And, for whatever reason, there's far less Joe Pepper than the blurb would let you believe.